For Your Education

Guidelines by the Dressage Education group

  • Children tests: Criteria for seat with remarks of Isobel Wessels
  • [media-downloader media_id=”456″ texts=”Guidelines for the marking of fundamental mistakes in Dressage movements”]
  • [media-downloader media_id=”455″ texts=”FEI Freestyle Directives for Judges_final-19.04.2017″]
  • [media-downloader media_id=”454″ texts=”Marking omissions and incorrect execution in FS tests”]


Documents to download

  • [media-downloader media_id=”366″ texts=”Evaluation Form IDOC”]
  • [media-downloader media_id=”367″ texts=”The New Freestyle System”]
  • [media-downloader media_id=”310″ texts=”Check-List for Shadow Judging and Sit-in”]
  • [media-downloader media_id=”309″ texts=”Guidlines for Shadow Judging”]
  • [media-downloader media_id=”311″ texts=”The New Degree of Difficulty (DoD) Freestyle Judging System – a Manual for Riders, Trainers and Judges”]


Courtesy of theUnited States Dressage Federation