Open letter of the IDOC President Hans-Christian Matthiesen‎

Dear friends and colleagues,

First of all I hope you had time to enjoy the holidays.

2017 has been a very exciting year on many levels. We just had our general assembly in Geneva in the beginning of December, and it feels good to be back on track with the annual meetings. Once again thank you to the FEI and Swiss Federation for helping out. The board is ready, and now we just need the help and backup from our members to “step up our game”.

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Congratulations to our colleague

10 Dressage Judges have passed the exam for their promotion to new FEI Dressage Judges Status:

   Sandra Andrea SMITH (ARG) 4*
   Kristi WYSOCKI (USA) 4*
   Paula NYSTEN (FIN) 4*
   Debbie RODRIGUEZ (USA) 3*
   Hans VOSER (SUI) 3*
   Alice SCHWAB (AUT) 4*
   Olivier SMEETS (BEL) 4*
   Anna ELISEEVA (RUS) 3*
   Sandrine TRIMBORN (FRA) 3*

   Photo courtesy Anna Milne

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2017 IDOC General Assembly

2017 IDOC General Assembly will take place in Geneva on December 8th and 9th, 2017.
This General Assembly will be different from the others. Indeed, there will be no Refresher Seminar this time as you all had ample opportunities to participate to one of the 5 seminars (Amsterdam, Aachen, Gothenburg, Stuttgart, London) that have already or will take place before the end of the year.
For more information please follow the link

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Dealing with the Media

Written by HC Matthiesen, summary based on a presentation given by Grania Willis, FEI
Dealing with the media can be intimidating, but we are all members of the same team, so even though there will be only one designated spokesperson – the Judge at C – let’s support each other and show a united front.

Journalists are NOT the enemy, but remember that to some media, there is NO such thing as ”off duty” and ”off the record”, so make sure that whatever you say – and wherever you say it – you would be happy to see it in print or on social media.

Make sure you’re up to date with any potential controversies, and don’t put your head in the sand!

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Hans-Christian Matthiesen: ”An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”

The code of Hummurabis (an old Babylonian law code 1750 BC) is wellknown by most people – it is a set of rules, that defines social and everydaylife including jobs, household, familylife, divorce, sexual behavoir – but also contracts and consequences. One part of the provision appears to impose obligations on an official; the provision establishes that a judge who reaches an incorrect decision is to be fines and removed from the bench permanently ! Well, I am sure, that part of the code didnt apply for dressagejudges back in 1750 BC.
Even though it feels like we still act according to Hummurabis code (eg social media etc) – now a days we have Code of Conduct. Code of conduct should outline social norms, rules and responsibilities for an individual, party or organization. In 2007 the following definition came (International Good Practice Guidance, Wikipedia): ”Principles, values, standards, or rules of behaviour that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of an organization in a way that (a) contribute to the welfare of its key stakeholders, and (b) respects the rights of all constituents affected by its operations”.

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The Perception of Dressage judging – Happy Easter

So between the Sports Forum meeting in Lausanne, work near Copenhagen and a CDI in Austria near Vienna and the annual trainers meeting, IDTC in Billund back in Denmark – its time to reflect, look back and try to look into the future !
The Sports Forum meeting in Lausanne went well – in the way, that the Judges Working group decided not to present a new Judging system (like proposed at the stakeholder meeting in Amsterdam). They did however state that the future of dressage will bring ”change” and lets hope that it will be based on concensus and compliance. Before the meeting there had been a lot of speculation and lobbying, but only because we didnt have the feeling that our (IDOC’s) opinion were taken serious in Amsterdam.

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